Akira Kosemura + Haruka Nakamura

On 17 November, 2008 by slowcoustic

So I am a bit under the weather today and I need something soothing (and possibly more sleep).  In looking over recent acquisitions of the musical variety I have found a soundtrack for myself today.  It is the ambient works of Akira Kosemura and Haruka Nakamura.

While most likely not household names to most of you (or me for that matter), I came across Nakamura first which led me to Kosemura – both equally talented and atmospheric I am sure.  I don’t know too much about these two artists, but I am intrigued by them.  While Nakamura’s landscape finds him a bit more electronic infused, Kosemura’s more traditional down tempo piano is the perfect symbiotic match.  Their music is that sound that plays more often during slow motion periods in media – I am sure in order to emphasize the beauty, cadence and to mesh with the visuals just right.  It is more than beautiful and will lull and hypnotize me into the slumber I rightfully need today.  I just hope I actually slip into sleeping instead of wanting to simply listen and listen over again.

I would have to recommend the 2008 releases by both – Kosemura’s “Tiny Musical” and Nakamura’s “Grace” or even the shared release by both artists “Afterglow”.

Visit Akira Kosemura on MySpace, his Website and Virb.
Visit Haruka Nakamura on MySpace and on Virb.
Visit the label of both over at Schole (I hope your Japanese is up to speed though) or simply pick up a copy of “Afterglow” over on eMusic here.

Slow down this Monday with my new Japanese friends.


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