Annie Palmer, yeah, Annie Palmer

On 10 December, 2008 by slowcoustic

Annie Palmer is in good company.  Annie Palmer is surrounded by great people.  Annie Palmer is someone I want to know.  I thought I had to post on Ms. Palmer today as yesterday...

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Slowcoutic Essentials – Chris Bathgate

On 9 December, 2008 by slowcoustic

So I have been playing around with the idea of having a “Slowcoustic Essentials” for a while now.  Why?  Well, since “Slowcoustic” isn’t a real word, it is just something I have been...

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Slowcoustic Best Albums – #s 25-11

On 8 December, 2008 by slowcoustic

So here we are.  Best albums of 2008.  Good year I have to say, I may have contenders for best of decade that come from this very year – good sign, no? Disclaimer...

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10 Things that WILL NOT be on my “Best of 2008” List, List.

On 6 December, 2008 by slowcoustic

We all know it is the time of listing things…best album, best song, best artist, best fish taco.  So, let’s not forget about the things that are NOT making the cut.  The items...

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Another Friday Discovery – Julie Sokolow

On 5 December, 2008 by slowcoustic

So, I’m cruising through one of my new favourite labels (again) and found Western Vinyl’s Julie Sokolow.  I think I am about to kick myself for not finding her sooner. Julie is a...

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In Lieu of new

On 3 December, 2008 by slowcoustic

In more ways than one this post is not “new”.  I have decided not to do my weekly post “New on the ‘nets” this Saturday as I am working on a “10 things...

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