Disease of the 2000’s – “Blogger Crossover”

On 18 January, 2009 by slowcoustic

I wanted to touch on something that I am sure is discussed many times in the new era of Blogging.  The unfortunate, or not so unfortunate flare up of “Blogger Crossover”.  What I mean is when you see the same artist, song or whatever blogged by a million bloggers at the same time.  For us “slightly off the beaten track” internet denizens, it happens less, but still happens.  I mean how many times do you need to see the new Kanye West or MGMT remix on Hype Machine??

In what could be considered unfortunate to the musicians themselves, I tend to not post on a band if another blogger that I know or am internet friends with has recently posted on.  In a weird form of respect, I find myself saying “Well, you were Johnny on the spot, so this post is yours…” in a way.  For music bloggers, I am sure it is not exactly Bird Flu, but I try to stay away.  It is the proverbial dating of your friend’s ex-girlfriend…isn’t it?  This could be considered a bad thing, right?  But then again, is it even being “respectful” to the other blog or is imitation the sincerest form of flattery?  For example:  I blog on the same band the day after Stereogum does…do they consider it flattery, copying or do they even care?   Again, I try not to repeat content unless it is a must – like a favourite artist or something you were working on for a while, etc.

This leads me to the artist, are they receiving less coverage or support from me because I think I am respecting other bloggers/friends and not covering them?  Who am I to “ignore” (in the worst case scenario) a band that has gone through the task of recording/creating and now trying to get to the people?  This is my dilemma, I want to support the artist, that is why I am here….isn’t it?  This is why I will be posting a few tracks from bands/artists that are asking to be heard, but I simply didn’t post on previously as one of my fellow bloggers has already covered them.  I will not attempt a full “review”, but include some tracks, so the Internet spiders pick this up and hopefully provide a little bit more exposure from my little corner of the web.  With that I guess I apologize to the artists and offer a bit more blog love.  I will try to base more of my daily entries on the merits of the material, and not the “politics” of being the first to cross the line.

So, long story short, I have 3 bands/projects that are fully worth a post here and were covered by my fellow bloggers.  So read below, click over to check them out on the original post and enjoy.

Wintermitts: Great Canadian band (fully Canadian by being bilingual – I should get on this already as well) – I have selected two more down tempo songs, but this troupe can get their full band and multi instrumental party on.  Interesting fact is that they are named for a fantastic woozy song of Julie Doiron.  Visit them on their website for more downloads and some info/video!  Originally covered by Laughing Evergreens here.

Kingsbury: This foursome creates sound that floats large above you while at the same time allowing you to drink it all in.  Sound vague?  Well think of Radiohead mixed with actual guitar heavy shoegaze.  Powerful at times, quiet at times, check out the new EP “Lie To Me” and get on with your ambient post rock self.  Visit them on their website for more.  Originally covered by das klienicum here.

Joe Simpson’s “Almost There”: This one is from an artist, yes they are all artists, but Joe Simpson is a painter.  A painter you ask?  Yes, he has gathered 12 separate musicians that composed original songs for 12 paintings that follow a character on his journey to redemption.  Interesting, me thinks.  Check out the great website here.  Originally covered by Captain Obvious here.

5 Responses to “Disease of the 2000’s – “Blogger Crossover””

  • Yeah, it *is* a tough call, isn’t it? I’ve always had in my head that you should blog by the rule, “Will it contribute something to the discussion?”. If the answer is no, then maybe just share the link to the original post with your readers, as there’s no real point just contributing to the noise.

    If you have something to add though, that’s either counterpoint to the other posts, or another take on it, then why not add your two cents? After all, it’s your blog isn’t it? :P

  • I actually found myself not posting something the other day for this reason. It was Antony & The Johnsons ‘Aeon’ which I’ve seen posted all over the shop lately. Think I’ll post it anyway, but will do it as an album review rather than a ‘hey, check out the first song from their album’ thing.

  • I completely agree with you, but sadly, we are in the minority. If you look at hypem.com/popular, you see like 25 of the 50 are the same Animal Collective songs on different blogs.

    It’s almost like you have to decide, I don’t care about traffic and just want to write about bands I love, or simply post about every band that is sent out in PR emails. We opt for the former, but we have the small numbers to proof it might not be the best business model ;)

  • slowcoustic

    I guess it is to each their own at the end of the day. I do agree with Burgo and if someone just did a great job with something, a link is good as I couldn’t compete.

    @ Agnes, go on girl – you post that sh#t!
    @ Herohill – I completely agree – and don’t get me started on Animal Collective…quality over quantity should be the goal, imho.

    Thanks to all 3 for commenting – good to see you bloggers out on day pass! ;-)

  • Nice post. I go through this a lot too. A lot of the times I find some good artists/songs to talk about but then I see every other blog has posted it. So I almost feel like it is pointless or that the other blogs would just think I am copying them.

    The secret is to add something unique to the table. I guess you just gotta use your best judgment, and just have fun with it.

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