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I mean the “My Girls” track is kinda catchy, but we need to be real here.  I will listen to it again, but I just gotta say….let’s all just settle down a bit.



  • I think people are happy they made a more accessible, conventional pop album. As if they are living up to their potential in that regard. I didn’t see what the big deal was either, but I’ve been listening to “My Girls”, “In the Flowers” and “Bluish” every other day now. I need to get the album because I like the other songs too. I won’t say the album is a 9 or 10…maybe 8.5 or something. By the way, damn good blog! I just discovered it today.

  • @Matt – thanks for stopping by, glad you found the blog!

    I hear you that the new AC album definitely tries to be more accessible but I am just not sure I will have the patience to let this album really sink in (which I think it needs).

  • nick

    no it’s cool

  • Kikko

    If you listened to Strawberry Jam, you’d know.

  • slowcoustic

    “Cool”…hmmm. Kinda like emo was cool. Strawberry Jam finds itself wading in the same pool as MPP, imho.

    I am not saying the band doesn’t have talent and is worth a listen. It is just the media (myself included by posting this) just leaves the artist to have to live up to it. With something that is this hyped, there is going to be strong believers and then the rest of us. To each…

    “My Girls” is growing on me though…

  • GPSI

    i dont like AC at all, its just some hippie shit to be honest.

  • crazysugarscheme

    I think Animal Collective is so overrated. And Pitchfork is full of folk loving [insertowninsulthere]s.

  • I wasn’t a fan of Animal Collective either to be honest, but MPP has been growing on me. Probably down to the stronger influence of Panda Bear on this record I think. It’s nowhere near as great as peope are going on about it though. But “My Girls” is excellent.

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