Band I Miss…The American Analog Set, with Bonus New Song?!

On 17 February, 2009 by slowcoustic

Just saying, that’s all.  They need to get back together or do a reunion album or admit that they are not still together…sort of.  They have 6 albums with the last one “Set Free” being in ’05 and way too long ago.  Nothing is better than “Punk as Fuck” or “Aaron and Maria” – it is shoegaze indie pop at its best.  So I am not sure if there was news of an “official” disbanding of Amanset, but all I know is Andrew Kenny is now recording as/with “The Wooden Birds” so I am thinking that I might need to just give up hope.

Lament with me, won’t you?

Set FreeThe American Analog Set
“Born On The Cusp” (mp3)
“Immaculate Heart I” (mp3)
from “Set Free”
(Arts & Crafts)

More On This Album

For way out of date information (but a great download for the “Set Free” album demos), visit their Website.  You may even take a look at their MySpace Page if you have time.  Sorry, I couldn’t find more permissions than the tracks above, but pick up an album if you can with “Know by Heart” and “Set Free” being highlights.


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