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On 25 February, 2009 by slowcoustic

Faith Kleppinger hadn’t been heard much around the Slowcoustic hallways, until I actually started listening.  Dark folk leanings drew me in and have embraced me ever since.

Faith Kleppinger writes mellow, literary indie rock songs. She is a singer/songwriter who defies the girl with guitar stereotype, preferring electric guitar over acoustic; rock clubs over coffeehouses; and most importantly she never, ever makes lyrics out of her journals from junior high school.

That is the biography on her label site with Two Sheds Music, and while brief, it sums up what you would think from listening to her music.  It also gives you the impression she isn’t your standard muse of a singer songwriter and that she might just kick your ass.  All kidding aside, I think the “rock” leanings can be heard with an almost country edge…all while her angelic voice drives the songs along.  Faith has 3 albums so far and they have moved along nicely in creating her sound, with the latest album “Boulevards” feeling like a more matured if not slightly darker version of her debut album “Asleep At The Wheel”.  This I like.

Listen for yourself below with a selection of tracks from each of her three albums with the highlights being “Lighthouse” and “Anything New” from her most recent release “Boulevards”.

Faith KleppingerAsleep in the Well
“City Three” (mp3)

“Runaround” (mp3)

“2 – Minute Warning” (mp3)
from “Asleep in the Well”
(Two Sheds Music)

More On This Album

No Galore“No Galore” (mp3)

“Understudy Lines” (mp3)

“Apart/Aside” (mp3)
from “No Galore”

(Two Sheds Music)

More On This Album

Boulevards“Anything New” (mp3)

“Lighthouse” (mp3)

“Your Luckiest Day” (mp3)
from “Boulevards”
(Two Sheds Music)

More On This Album

Visit her on MySpace and her Label Page.


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