“His Name Shall Breathe”, Hell…His Name Shall Do Whatever It Wants.

On 26 February, 2009 by slowcoustic

I like this song.  I like a lot of “His Name Shall Breathe” material.  Discovered via das klienicum blog (go see here).  New album just released in January called “There is an Earthquake Inside of Me”.  Go get it from his MySpace page (unfortunately only if you are in the USA).  Regardless, I am sure many of you know where to go to get such things that are not readily available.


p.s.  His name shall actually be Tim Martin, sorry to burst any bubbles.
p.p.s.  Did I say that I like HNSB yet?

4 Responses to ““His Name Shall Breathe”, Hell…His Name Shall Do Whatever It Wants.”

  • rekognito

    how did you get the awful truth? i want all of his music so badly but it is impossible to get. iron and steel is probably my favorite song.

  • rekognito

    oh i actually meant in the northwest, not the awful truth

  • slowcoustic

    @rekognito – I only have the one track “In The Northwest” from that EP as I can’t buy it either – the SnoCap site doesn’t sell to Canada when I tried. I have a rip of the track only unfortunately….

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