Adam Selzer’s Hinah Session – The Top Free EP of 2003

On 27 February, 2009 by slowcoustic

While talking with another artist that will be upcoming on the blog, he indicated Mr. Adam Selzer (of Norfolk & Western fame) had recorded his album.  This got me to thinking…”damn his EP on Hinah Records was good” and absolutely free.  Everybody loves free things, and despite what your parents told you growing up, sometimes you just want to stop giving and actually receive for once.  The world is a dark place and the good folks at Hinah have brightened up many a day over in my neck of the woods.

Visit Hinah here, with the Adam Selzer page here and you just might want to check out him here with N&W as well.  Hopefully by listening to a few tracks below, it will nudge you in the direction of all things Hinah.  Two tracks below are from his solo Hinah session and the “Far From My Lair (hinah session)” is from a separate session a year earlier and can be found officially released on his “All The Walls Are Bare” album which can be found on iTunes.

Have a great Friday…I must work late today (by work, I mean have drinks with a fellow colleague that is moving on to bigger and better – “Best of Luck at the Palliser Shannon!”).


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