Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, period.

On 28 February, 2009 by slowcoustic

So the leak of “Beware” from BPB has spread across the internet faster than that Britney Spears getting out the car picture.  Now that I have intrigued you and in the same breathe had you experience your own sick – I hope that I haven’t tainted you for Mr. Will Oldham.

While still listening to form a real opinion on “Beware”, it is sounding pretty good by Slowcoustic standards.  While BPB has straddled the line many a time with Country sounding albums – this is definitely a more “Country” experience than some of his previous work – and this isn’t a bad thing.  You have some ballads, some slide guitar, a slow gallop of a bass line, mandolin and even some accordion mixed in for good measure.  If you have obtained the album already or when you get it, tracks like “You Can’t Hurt Me Now”, “I Don’t Belong To Anyone” and “I Am Goodbye” will give you a bit of this vibe.  Die hards need not fret as well, there is a bit of darker downtempo tracks that drag the classic BPB out into the full light of day in 2009.

I thought I would also include a favourite video from the “Superwolf” album with Matt Sweeney (an all-time classic if I dare say) as it is freakin’ great.  I sure hope he plays something from that album when I see him here in Calgary on March 24th.  I always worry when seeing an artist live that you have strong attachment to, that they might not play “your favourite”, and with BPB’s back catalog and having a new album – I might be in that boat!!  While the venue in Calgary is a bit “meh” in my opinion, I think the fact that I will be witness to an icon of “independent” music, it will overcome any ill will from what could be said is a large rectangular room with no life.  Ah well, watch the video for “I Gave You” and listen to a few various tracks below – of which I hope I hear all of them in a few weeks when I finally see the man himself live in concert.


3 Responses to “Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, period.”

  • ryan

    I am mystified by all the negative reviews this album has gotten so far. From the perspective of a few listens through, this album is simply amazing. I can’t think of any other artist right now that is writing songs this much fun to sing a long with.

  • Cap

    yeah im not getting all the negative reviews on this, im into it.

    that video, by the way, is classic.

  • I don’t see the harm in being a little bit country! Just kidding, the album is good, so we all need to admit it…well, everyone other than those in this set of comments

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