Pronto Tours Local Freight & Service Elevators, Release New Album March 10th!

On 28 February, 2009 by slowcoustic

Sorry couldn’t resist the press photo being possibly the most staged band shot I have seen in months.  That is not saying much, as I don’t see that many “press” shots for this blog…I wonder why??

Well, all the Wilco lovers are looking to pick up the new “side project” of the uber indie band.  That side project or stand alone project is “Pronto” and the new album is “All Is Golden” due out on March 10th.  (I apologize right now for saying “side project”, if this sounds like it takes away from what these guys are doing, by making any actual side project reference, it is not meant to).

Pronto has been in the works for a few years and is finally getting it all together to release the album they produces back in 2007 (I think, if I read correctly).  While there are many contributors and assistance over this creation process, the final line up is nailed down to: Mikael Jorgensen (and there is your Wilco connection folks), Greg O’Keeffe, Erik Paparazzi & Tunde Oyewol.  What these gents have created is not exclusively a Wilco sound, but finds it self at a minimum being a second cousin.  You basically get classic rock-pop tracks crafted into being 70’s AM radio via today’s production.

So what I compare the sound to is a great new pair of “distressed jeans”.  By “distressed jeans” I mean a sound that is put together on purpose in order to feel/sound/look worn in.  Not “fake” like some of you may be thinking, but a sound that is purposefully meant to feel/sound/look like it does – we can’t go back in time to listen to 70’s radio, so it has been carefully recreated with some decent talent for our consumption almost 40 years later.  Job well done boys.  While this isn’t a standard band I would cover, the track “Big Sleeved Man” caught my ear, so here we are, hope you like them.

Catch a couple of tracks below, and visit them on their MySpace page and label page (when they are not located in bare elevators).

All is GoldenPronto

“Big Sleeved Man” (mp3)

“When I’m On The Rocks” (mp3)

“Listen Lover” (mp3)

from “All is Golden”

More On This Album


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