Summer Song! Slowcoustic gets up, dances awkwardly. People stare, but can’t look away.

On 27 June, 2009 by slowcoustic

Jesse Matheson's Sad Clown

Ah!  A Trilogy of not so Slowcoustic posts!  Who has taken over this blog?  Come on, we all need a fun summer song.  Well folks, look no further – I AM GIVING YOU GOLD HERE.  Thank me later after you have the best summer of your lives due to this song.  From the look of his MySpace page, the photos, the videos, I think if you WERE Jesse Matheson it would be the best summer of your life already!

“Make Out” – Jesse Matheson – from 2009’s Pleasure Pounds (re-released August 25th I think, but currently available)

Visit Jesse on his MySpace page and purchase on CD Baby and iTunes!



3 Responses to “Summer Song! Slowcoustic gets up, dances awkwardly. People stare, but can’t look away.”

  • KAC

    Just grabbed the album for fifteen cents on Amie Street. It’s still less than two dollars:

    Thanks for the recommendation!

    I have now bought this album, The Cloud Hymn, Cranes & Crows, The Wars of 1812, and Rural Alberta Advantage all because of your recommendations. I believe that makes Slowcoustic my favorite blog on all the internet, so thank you.

    To repay you the favor, let me recommend Tacoma, WA’s own Goldfinch. You can get the album (today is the last day of the sale) for $1.27 at CDBaby. It’s an AMAZING album.

  • KAC

    Oh, and also, have you heard Paste Magazine’s band of the week, Clint, Michigan? Their album is really great too. Kind of like a hybrid of Sufjan Stevens and Imperial Teen. And they both play banjo. How can a band go wrong with two banjos? Their album is still less than three dollars at Amie Street:

  • slowcoustic

    Ah thanks, fellow bloggers at You Crazy Dreamers posted on Goldfinch. Yes, comes highly recommended, and I just purchased today! Thx.

    Always like great deals on great music!! Amie Street is often a bit dodgy when you are not from the US, so I am 50/50 on them….but thanks for the info for those US residents. ;-)


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