Entranced, but I don’t know why. Okay I do know why – The Singleman Affair

On 30 July, 2009 by slowcoustic

The post title says it all.  The track I speak of is “Leaving a Mark”.  It is a winding mellow hazy road of a track from the self proclaimed “psychedelic” Chicago resident that might also be known as Dan Schneider.  Schneider’s “The Singleman Affair” has a new album called “Let’s Kill the Summer” – which incidentally isn’t new but merely newly released on this side of the pond.  The album is from a couple of years back and is seeing a release via Cardboard Sangria Records.

Maybe it is the fact that The Singleman Affair’s sound (or aura you could say) straddles that line between 60s psych folk and modern day spacey folk masterpieces, it quite easily comes out feeling like it just might be the freshest thing you have heard in a while.  Always a bit dark and the kind of music that really hits the spot around these parts.

“Bonus #2” below is a great example of the sound that TSA is know for and is a spectacular live track – its a killer and highly recommended.  Enjoy it all.
Let's Kill the Summer


The Singleman Affair
“Leaving a Mark” (mp3)
“Baby You’ve Been on My Mind” (bonus mp3)

from “Let’s Kill the Summer”
(Cardboard Sangria Records)

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Well worth a purchase if you got the time.  Pick it up HERE.  Visit on MySpace and his Website.

Bonus #1:  Check out a video of “Leaving a Mark” as well!


Bonus #2: Live tour track from 2007!
2007 Tour CDThe Singleman Affair
“If I Only Fell In Love When I Was Young” (mp3)
from “2007 Tour CD”
(Cardboard Sangria Records)

More On This Album

2 Responses to “Entranced, but I don’t know why. Okay I do know why – The Singleman Affair”

  • Nice find indeed.

    Again though, you’ve just forced me to spend more money buying CD’s. I really have to stop visiting.

    Still, for a measly $10 (postage included), it’s a serious bargain!

  • slowcoustic

    HA! Spend all your money!!! This is my goal actually, glad you like it.

    Good seeing ya again in the comments!


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