Slowcoustic all timer: Laura Gibson – “Funeral Song”

On 20 September, 2009 by slowcoustic

Just found myself in ownership of the acoustic version of Laura Gibson’s “Beasts of Seasons” and it is utterly amazing.  This new recording made me think that I have to share one of my favourite songs from Gibson – Funeral Song.  This Hush Records staple cannot do anything wrong and she is considered a Slowcoustic Staple in my books.

Gibson’s voice itself conveys such an intimate experience: it is not necessarily delicate but fragile, if you know what I mean.  She does not have to whisper to bring you closer to the experience, she brings it directly to you.   But the thing is that you fear grasping hold of it for fear of it breaking into shards of beautiful sorrow all around you.  Take that sound bite bloggers.

Please enjoy a live version of “Funeral Song” via Hush’s YouTube channel.


2 Responses to “Slowcoustic all timer: Laura Gibson – “Funeral Song””

  • she is so great! but let me ask you, where you got the acoustic version of the album from?…seems like a must have to me…

  • slowcoustic

    Oh, the internet is a great thing – and friends with great taste always help. It was a nice little gift from one of my German counterparts!

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