This Blog Post should have Two Titles: A Band You Should Know AND How To Borrow From Other Bloggers Graciously

On 27 September, 2009 by slowcoustic

Blood Warrior & Stealing, a Duo

I have a band you should know and they are Blood Warrior: but besides a bit of back and forth with them, I don’t really have anything “of my own” to offer.  So, what is a blogger to do when he wants you to listen to a band?  Why, he is to direct his readers to other bloggers that do have insight and media and such things.  Its really that easy, just follow these easy steps.

Step One: Get contacted by Greg Jamie (of O’Death fame) and have him say “You will love a new band we got going”.
Step Two: Get excited that Greg Jamie actually contacted YOU, then listen to said band.
Step Three: Get under-excited because they don’t have an album yet, feel sad and wait for material to surface.
Step Four: Get suggestions on a live set from NYCTaper and eagerly head over and download.  Nice.
Step Five: Get another suggestion of a video of a live performance on [Dog]and[Pony] and head over and download.  Nice.
Final Step: Put it together and try to laugh off not having original material…  Nice.

So gang, Visit NYCTaper for Blood Warrior’s first performance (in New York) by visiting NYCTaper HERE.

“Untitled” – Blood Warrior – from 2009’s “After The Jump Fest” (from nyctaper)

Also gang, visit [Dog]and[Pony] to look around, video is below and originally from post HERE!

Fine Details: Blood Warrior include the musical stylings of Greg Jamie, Joey Weiss & Kristin Kellas.  They sound like Appalachian recluses who hauntingly lament and often chant in the moonlight.  That pretty much says it all.

You can also visit Ernest Jenning Record Co (they will be releasing a 7″ shortly and the full album early 2010) and the band on MySpace:


5 Responses to “This Blog Post should have Two Titles: A Band You Should Know AND How To Borrow From Other Bloggers Graciously”

  • slowcoustic

    Good to hear from ya Eddie! Thanks for the tip as well ;-)

  • Really diggin’ this tune, and excited to hear more from Blood Warrior! Just met Joey Weiss, and he and I will be friends for life.

    I’m looking forward to covering their music on BuzzOfTheBay for!

    GREAT blog btw.

  • slowcoustic

    Thanks Mike – yes, I agree about hearing more from BW. That new album needs to hurry and get here!


  • Pip Soda

    Damn, this is brilliant… keep me updated, Sandy! …and this is not a question but a command! ;-)

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