Just an update – Malcolm Holcombe has an album you should buy.

On 29 October, 2009 by slowcoustic

For The Mission Baby

It’s called “For The Mission Baby” and it is FINALLY making into serious rotation over here.  I am not reviewing the album in this post as I am still only ankle deep in it.  But like a recent tweet I made (yeah, I said tweet):

@Slowcoustic – I feel like I’m down on my luck and there is whiskey on my breath after the first track from the new Malcolm Holcombe album

I also have to admit I have only been a casual listener to Holcombe in the past, a bit of Gamblin’ House and Not Forgotten and even his Daytrotter session – but I am giving this one a serious listen.  It is everything you think of when you think of Holcombe if I had to make a blanket statement.  If you aren’t very familiar, its gritty, a bit honky tonk and a something you can get a drink to.  While I don’t have an official promo track (I just don’t see Malcolm as a “promo track” kinda guy ya know?) but he is offering an outtake from the new album for free download, so it is included below for a limited time.

“Hardcore Dollar” – from the “For The Mission Baby” sessions (unreleased)

Swing on by his website and even pick up an album:

Bonus Video of “Hannah’s Trading Post” from the For The Mission Baby LP:


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