New Album at a glance: “Reservoir” from Ah Holly Fam’ly

On 2 November, 2009 by slowcoustic


This album released from few weeks back from Ah Holly Fam’ly feels almost fragile enough to shatter at first listen.  Described as “Avant-Folk” or as far as “Theatrical” at times and I am not sure where to place it.  It almost punches you in the face with not punching you in the face, ya know?  It’s a nice laid back affair.

It takes a few listens for this mellow affair to really seep into your marrow and then it realize it’s truly organic beauty.  With acoustic guitar, orchestrals, strings and the duo of Becky Dawson and Jeremy Faulkner at the helm of this troupe who now call Portland their home, I believe they have crafted a more than worthy album.  I think they would fit quite nicely between Horse Feathers (who were also on the Lucky Madison label) and Bowerbirds in your next playlist and you wouldn’t skip a beat.  So basically if I am putting them in the same vein as those two bands (who are currently in the upper echelon of Slowcoustic favourites), then you know this “Appalachian” folk troupe is something that deserves your attention.  Samples below:

ReservoirAh Holly Fam’ly
“Young Veins” (mp3)
“Rainstick” (mp3) – HIGHLY recommended
“All Unfolding” (mp3)
from “Reservoir”
(Lucky Madison)

More On This Album

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3 Responses to “New Album at a glance: “Reservoir” from Ah Holly Fam’ly”

  • These guys are great. Listening to them feels like peace all wrapped up in a song. I I think this is the sort of sound you’d get if you crossed Andrew Bird with the Great Lake Swimmers.

  • Lee

    I love it.

    (And will refrain from making a “Death to Slowcoustic” joke)

  • slowcoustic

    I am loving it too! I also promise to not have any more “death” comments to fellow bloggers… ;-)

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