Saturday Quickie {Clint Michigan, E.P. Hall, Akira Kosemura, Josh Preston & Frank Schweikhardt}

On 21 November, 2009 by slowcoustic

Well this one is actually safe for work and is not the quickie some visitors might have been looking for when googling and finding yourself here.  This is a quickie because I am currently in transition with home computers, waiting for delivery guys to deliver some furniture and hence I might only have a fleeting visit to the computer to dedicate to music today.

I thought I would send you on your way into the meat of the weekend with a couple of tracks that I have been spinning lately and are tracks that I thought needed to hit the blog, ergo, you my fine readers.  They kind of span things I enjoy listening to, but sometimes everyone doesn’t enjoy all aspects of what I think “Slowcoustic” means.  Well, I use the term quite loosely and I think the below are some examples of a bit of the range of the genre.

“Hawthorn to Hennepin” – Clint Michigan {Visit}
I don’t know why there isn’t more blog love for this Brooklyn duo, they have such great harmonies and keep it basically singer songwriter with folk tinges of banjo and is just a great listen.

“Mommy Crow” – E.P. Hall {Visit}
This is an example of lo-fi female fronted vocals that draws me in; beautiful, not too over the top and you can both dig into it and drift away with it.

“Drop” – Akira Kosemura {Visit}
Definitely the ambient side of me – Kosemura is one of the artists that create something that is just stunning.  This is a track that is considered electronic, and I am willing to bring it on board a traditionally non electronic blog.  It must be good then…right?

“Question (Old 97s Cover)” – Josh Preston {Visit}
Josh sent this to me due to my covers post last weekend – great job by Josh as I am not really a huge fan of Old 97s.  This is a highly approachable track that might get you on board and then you can find numerous other tracks from Preston – he has a lot!

One last video inclusion for a new album just sent over that is really hitting home – “Life But No More” from Frank Schweikhardt.  Take a listen to The Dead – this is some great slow and acoustic stuff!

Frank Schweikhardt- The Dead from Crossroads Of America Records on Vimeo.



p.s.  The top photo is just a random photo from a hike last year in the beautiful Kananaskis area.

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