New Music Tuesday – Recommendations: Matthew Barber, Hoquiam, Beach House & The Pass!

On 23 February, 2010 by slowcoustic

New Records!!

So there is always massive amounts of music out there, but we here at Slowcoustic take pride in knowing more than anyone about what is good.  Don’t get us wrong and label us as music snobs, we are just better than anyone else at picking music that isn’t shite!  Okay, the bravado music blogger persona is out (so very 2008 anyway), but I do have some suggestions on new music Tuesday for a variety of tunes (there is variety this time, trust me we have indie, dream-pop, indie-electro-rock, folk noir, etc…).  There is much more out there today, but start here and get out there and hunt down some more – recommendations welcome in the comments!


True BelieverMatthew Barber
“True Believer” (mp3)
from “True Believer”
(Outside Music)

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Teen DreamBeach House
“Norway” (mp3)
from “Teen Dream”
(Arts & Crafts Mexico)

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ColorsThe Pass
“Cross Walk Stereo” (mp3)
from “Colors”

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“Zombies of the Sea” (mp3)
from “Hoquiam”
(St. Ives)

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p.s. I think Joanna Newsom has a new album out….  ;-)

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