Sometimes you just stumble into incredible things. MOHNA.

On 11 April, 2010 by slowcoustic

Find a recent discovery for me in the amazing down tempo piano songs of Mohna - Her album "Mohna (1985-1994) is a breakout album for me! Mp3 & video included.

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Update on my side project – Compilation Creation Playlist, “Yer Bird” Style

On 10 April, 2010 by slowcoustic

Saturday Playlist made up of artists who are contributing to the 2010 Yer Bird Records Compilation "Folk Music For What Lies Ahead".

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Hot Damn, Meursault on They Shoot Music!

On 9 April, 2010 by slowcoustic

One of my favourite bands Meursault find They Shoot Music and a not only works, it is stunning. Dig in!

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Collection of Recommended Tracks: TW Walsh, Fraser Anderson and I Am Oak

On 8 April, 2010 by slowcoustic

Enjoy some great new (for me at least) tracks - One song from each: TW Walsh, Fraser Anderson and I Am Oak.

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No post today because I’m waiting for this…

On 6 April, 2010 by slowcoustic

Horse Feathers promo track "Belly of June" shows that the album "Thistled Spring" is much anticipated.

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Album revisited (Jason Molina) and what’s happening tomorrow (The Black Atlantic) – unrelated songs edition

On 4 April, 2010 by slowcoustic

Head back to 2006 for possibly my favourite album of the year: Jason Molina. Look ahead to tomorrow (if you are in New York) for a recommended show: The Black Atlantic!

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