New David Karsten Daniels & Fight The Big Bull: “I Mean to Live Here Still”

On 29 June, 2010 by slowcoustic

The new DKD is out with a blast of horns in the form of the lead off track “The Funeral Bell”. I think the influence of Fight The Big Bull is heard front and centre in this track and leads an accent to Daniels quirky sense of indie folk-pop. You get a little bit of everything with this album and it is hard to really classify or put a label on, but overall I would say it is, dare I say, fun with some depth. I don’t even know what that means, but give it a listen and maybe you can decide and let me know!

I Mean to Live Here StillDavid Karsten Daniels, Fight The Big Bull
“The Funeral Bell” (mp3)
from “I Mean to Live Here Still”
(Fat Cat Records)

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As a bonus, find a great track that I have enjoyed for a couple of years “Martha Ann” – it might be a bit more “rock” than some others, but still tasty.

Fear of FlyingDavid Karsten Daniels
“Martha Ann” (mp3)
from “Fear of Flying”
(Fat Cat Records)

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