Strand of Oaks release “Pope Killdragon”, Slowcoustic finds religion finally

On 20 July, 2010 by slowcoustic

This one is exciting folks, the new album “Pope Killdragon” from Strand of Oaks hits eMusic Selects today (I have just downloaded and am listening now).  Tim Showalter (who is Strand of Oaks) crafts some of the most stark, warming & echoing laments in music today.  Please consider picking up the album by clicking HERE.  While SoO is starting to flex his songcrafting (meaning you might not get all 10 tracks of solo acoustic love – listen to “Giant’s Despair” or “Walking” for an example), it is exciting to see where this is going.  But don’t worry, there are still crazy good slow burners like “Pope Killdragon”, “Kill Dragon” & “Bonfire”, no pun intended.


  1. West River
  2. Kill Dragon
  3. Sterling
  4. Bonfire
  5. Alex Kona
  6. Giant’s Despair
  7. Daniel’s Blues
  8. Last to Swim
  9. Walking
  10. Pope Killragon

To get  you in the mood, listen to a few tracks from a February 2009 performance ( here) and I am including an early version of the song Daniel’s Blues from that recording as it has been rerecorded and included on Pope Killdragon.  Enjoy.

“Morning Worker”
“Dogs of War”
“Daniel’s Blues”
~from “Live at the Nave, Feb. 14, 2009”

Visit Strand of Oaks on MySpace, Facebook & Twitter.


3 Responses to “Strand of Oaks release “Pope Killdragon”, Slowcoustic finds religion finally”

  • slowcoustic

    Hey folks – click on the Muzzle of Bees link in our Blogroll to your right for a listen to one of the new tracks!

  • RavingLunatic

    That’s a wicked album cover, maybe the best of the year, though it would have to be a rad digipak of some sort to beat the excellent packaging for Elephant Micah’s “Songs of Bible Birds” album.

    I’ve never gotten into these guys before, but I’ve heard good things, and that “Bonfire” song playing on their MySpace is sweet.

  • Agnes

    Love this post. Especially taken by ‘Daniel’s Blues’, though it’s all gorgeous really.

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