“Everybody needs some Molina in their life” Playlist

On 28 November, 2010 by slowcoustic

Jason Molina

The title of this post was actually a recent tweet from one of my music life-mates Laura this morning.  And it could be one of the most true things one could ever say to me.  Jason Molina (or Jason as I know him) is, in my opinion, one of the greatest musician types I have ever listened to.  He has crossed from pretty much solo, to a full band to actual solo and all with stunning perfection.  Songs: Ohia, Magnolia Electric Co. and then Jason Molina – the guy is all time folks, all time.  Just a reminder.


“Back On Top” by Songs: Ohia from Secretly Jag on Vimeo.

“Cabwaylingo” – Songs: Ohia
“East’s Heart Divided” – Songs: Ohia
“Lioness” – Songs: Ohia
“Lioness (live)” – Songs: Ohia
“Two Blue Lights” – Songs: Ohia
“Two Blue Lights (live)” – Songs: Ohia
“Dark Don’t Hide It” – Magnolia Electric Co.
“Lonesome Valley” – Magnolia Electric Co.
“Josephine” – Magnolia Electric Co.
“Get Out Get Out Get Out” – Jason Molina

An all time favourite is Protection Spells from Songs: Ohia (tour CD only) is available at eMusic now!!!  Get it HERE.

Songs:Ohia on iTunes
Magnolia Electric Co. on iTunes
Jason Molina on iTunes


3 Responses to ““Everybody needs some Molina in their life” Playlist”

  • RavingLunatic

    No doubt about it, Molina’s a legend. I’m a little worried about the guy, what with his canceling his tour with Will Johnson and the complete lack of news from his camp in the last year. I hope he’s well.

    I remember about a year and a half ago the word was that Molina had six albums finished and just waiting to be released. I believe he said as much in an interview with Pitchfork. That had me salivating, but now I’ve got to wonder if any of that material is ever going to see the light of day. Molina needs to consult with Bob Pollard pronto on how to release multiple albums yearly.

    I’ve been a bit disappointed with Molina’s work since “Let Me Go,” but he’s made so much great music in the past and apparently has so much music waiting in the wings that I fully expect more great stuff from him, assuming he ever works out a way to release the songwriting treasure from his backlogged trove of songs.

  • slowcoustic

    Yeah, rumours have been going around for a while about both his health in the last year and this elusive collection of material. Unfortunately I think it might be true he is having health problems, it has been just too quiet and the cryptic messages about taking time away led me to believe as such. I certainly hope the man is on the mend.

    Those recorded albums must surface…they just have to! I’m looking for some good ol’ Songs:Ohia type stuff personally!


  • This Time Anything Finite At All just slays me, everytime I listen to it

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