Yer Bird Records Update: Greater Pacific Xmas track/upcoming EP in January, Hezekiah Jones & Ghosts I’ve Met!

On 5 December, 2010 by slowcoustic

Yer Bird Records update time!

In our other Slowcoustic life over at Yer Bird Records things are happening, I mean really happening.  Being a small music label, we thought we might enjoy a slower “holiday” season to relax but apparently we like to start making arrangements for album releases over one of the busiest times of the year for shipping, vacations and the like.  Well oiled machine I tell ya.


I want to start off with our next release coming up in January; Greater Pacific will be releasing a 6 track digital EP entitled “Rainfall“!  You might be familiar but if you are not, Greater Pacific are a “side project” of Kyle Kersten and John Phinney from the band Travel By Sea.  It was recorded with fellow TBS’er Mike Cusick on drums and they were lucky enough to have the lovely Angela Correa sing on a couple of tracks.  If you are looking for laid back country infused folk tunes with massive amounts of pedal steel, then this will be for you.  You can see the initial artist page on Yer Bird Records here, and it will grow in the coming weeks before the January 25th release date.  To give you a taste of Greater Pacific in festive form, listen to “Let it Snow” below:

“Let It Snow” – Greater Pacific


There will also be two more releases in the first quarter of 2011 (both are looking to be in February) from Hezekiah Jones and Ghosts I’ve Met.  The new albums will both be pressed on vinyl (!!) so get ready for Yer Bird’s first vinyl releases folks – they will not disappoint.

Hezekiah Jones’ new album “Have You Seen Our New Fort?” grows on the talents of the Philly folk staple with more of their signature upbeat barn burners along with some of the most poignant ballads I have heard in a while.  The album really allows the talents of lead man Raphael Cutrufello to shine.  There is even a Chris Bathgate cover that is a show stopper (if I had to say, and I do have to).  Look for a mid February release alongside a release show in Philly at the same time).  In the mean time, listen to a song from Hezekiah Jones’ most recent EP “Bread of Teeth” (a song that gets a re-worked version on the upcoming album), listen to Traffic to the Sea below:

“Traffic to the Sea” – Hezekiah Jones


Ghosts I’ve Met who also has released with Yer Bird already in the 5 track digital EP “Payphone Patience” is seeing his first full length release also making a vinyl release.  The new album “From A Spark” will also continue on this Seattle singer songwriter’s penchant for creating moody acoustic gems.  Almost perfect for a warm rainy day along the coast.  This will also see a February release, so keep an eye out here and on his artist page on Yer Bird Records.  While we are waiting, listen to one of track from his EP below:

“Payphone Patience” – Ghosts I’ve Met


There you have our record label update.  Y’all up to speed now?  Good.  See every last one of you in 2011!


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