Zachary Lucky performs on the Green Couch: Video, “O’ Ontario”

On 11 February, 2011 by slowcoustic

Enjoy "O' Ontario" from Zachary Lucky via his recently aired Green Couch Session.

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Cover song of the day: “Jolene” from Dolly Parton by Holcombe Waller

On 10 February, 2011 by slowcoustic

Holcombe Waller does more than justice to the classic song "Jolene" from Dolly Parton - listen to him make Dolly proud and give the rest of us chills.

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Slow down, Molasses to release Walk into the Sea March 15th, get a taste right now.

On 9 February, 2011 by slowcoustic

Upcoming album from Slow down, Molasses provides an excellent example of how to grow into your sound with "Walk into the Sea" - due March 15th, 2011!

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Calgary Concert Alert: Twilight Hotel, Feb. 13, 2011

On 8 February, 2011 by slowcoustic

Upcoming concert at the Ironwood Stage for the Kerf Music Showcase features Twilight Hotel's brand of psychedelic indie pop! Catch a preview here...

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O'Death - Outside Cover

O’Death and Sweet Lights provide your soundtrack for Saturday

On 5 February, 2011 by slowcoustic

Two tracks for your Saturday: "Bugs" from O'Death and "One Day (Sharon Van Etten Cover)" from Sweet Lights. You're welcome.

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Song of the Day: “M4W” by Uncles

On 4 February, 2011 by slowcoustic

New track from the upcoming album from Uncles featured as Song of the Day. Enjoy "M4W", its a gooder!

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