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On 18 May, 2011 by slowcoustic

Trotting Bear - Morning Cover

Andy Berkhout has a new project that is available for a test drive, it is the album “Morning” from a new side of Berkhout, Trotting Bear.

If you are familiar with Andy’s music you know that you can expect lush acoustic elements on ‘Morning’ to awaken to (see what I did there?).  Andy in general allows the listener in and it always seems like a house concert with his recordings.  What I mean is they are never ‘over produced’ and is a style of music that you can instantly find harmony and a closeness with.  Listen to a few tracks below:



The album is akin to a collection of lullabyes or early morning/late night mood music, which lends to the accessibility of the songs.  Maybe you should swing by the brand new bandcamp page for some more of ‘Morning’…this morning.

You can also find more Andy Berkhout on his website.
You can follow both Andy Berkhout and Trotting bear on Twitter.


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