Gregory Alan Isakov: Folk Radio UK Session

On 29 September, 2011 by slowcoustic

Gregory Alan Isakov

I am kind of having a Gregory Alan Isakov moment.  Okay, I am fully having a moment.  Always been a fan of this guy (why isn’t he famous anyway) and after receiving my vinyl copy of “That Empty Northern Hemisphere”, I just can’t get enough.  God damn…the combination of his voice and perfect harmonies is almost overwhelming at times.  He has pitch perfect delivery to go alongside his ever pining acoustic ballads – even if they aren’t all really ballads per se.  I thought you all needed to be immersed in Isakov today as well, so to be sure you are aware, he did a great FRUK session a couple of months back during is UK tour.  Every track recorded below proves the weight he carries as a top tier singer songwriter.

Gregory Alan Isakov – The Stable Song (Folk Radio UK Session) by Folk Radio UK
Gregory Alan Isakov – Virginia May (Folk Radio UK Session) by Folk Radio UK
Gregory Alan Isakov – evelyn (Folk Radio UK Session) by Folk Radio UK
Gregory Alan Isakov – that moon song (Folk Radio UK Session) by Folk Radio UK

~ and a new track ~
Gregory Alan Isakov – second chances (Folk Radio UK Session) by Folk Radio UK

Also, you have to hear his track performed at Miss Peapods in Cornwall during the aforementioned tour (love the vocals in this one).

Gregory Alan Isakov, The Universe from before the winter fires on Vimeo.

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Purchase albums/shirts at his online store


5 Responses to “Gregory Alan Isakov: Folk Radio UK Session”

  • ranko

    i’m a huge fan of him too. i totally understand this part. “why isn’t he famous anyway”

  • rach

    he is a hidden gem.. soundtrack to my evenings :)

  • Alie

    Oh gosh. I completely agree with the “overwhelming” comment. The timbre of his voice, the rich production tone, the simple beauty of his lyrics. I’ve been fully having an Isakov moment for about two years ago. I keep waiting for the day when I’m not bowled over by his music, but it hasn’t happened yet.

    Do you know if he’s releasing a new album anytime soon? He has to be… (please?)

  • Alie: Gregory Alan Isakov has an album coming out next spring. No release date yet, but he says they’ll be recording it this winter and should have it out sometime Spring 2012. I sure can’t wait for it.

  • Elke

    Does anyone know yet when the cd featuring Second Chances will be out? I am checking on iTunes every day!!!

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