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Radical Face hints at new full length album with free EP “The Bastards: Volume One”

On 27 August, 2011 by slowcoustic

New Radical Face EP leaves 3 stunningly perfect breadcrumbs to find your way to what was and what is upcoming. Listen to 'The Bastards: Volume One' now.

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New, old and other people’s music…by Conrad Plymouth

On 26 August, 2011 by slowcoustic

Find new material in a 7 track EP from Slowcoustic favourite Conrad Plymouth, sample "Circle Drive" right here!

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Video Thursday: William Elliott Whitmore & Dolorean

On 25 August, 2011 by slowcoustic

Two videos from two albums that are top 10 for 2011 for Slowcoustic. Brand new Dolorean and the title track from the new William Elliott Whitmore!

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Song of the Day: ‘Peaceful Mind’ by Ryan Tanner

On 23 August, 2011 by slowcoustic

Another winner from Ryan Tanner with 'Peaceful Mind' - this guy needs a full album soon. Like now!

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Sunday Beauties: Haruko, Tiny Ruins and Honey Watts

On 21 August, 2011 by slowcoustic

3 tracks from some of the best female voices in folk of 2011: Haruko, Tiny Ruins and Honey Watts

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Blogger Round up: HearYa, Mostly Midwest, You Crazy Dreamers & Herohill

On 19 August, 2011 by slowcoustic

Rounding up some recent features on the Herohill, You Crazy Dreamers, Mostly Midwest and HearYa music blogs!

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