Slowcoustic Classics: “When I Light Your Darkened Door (J. Tillman Cover)” from Damien Jurado

On 25 March, 2012 by slowcoustic
Damien Jurado - When I Light Your Darkend Door (J. Tillman Cover)

Original photo of Damien Jurado by Adrian Bischoff (I Pick My Nose Blog)

This should need no introduction around these parts.  Plain and simple, two of the heavyweights of the Seattle “folk” scene.  Damien Jurado covering the J. Tillman Classic “When I Light Your Darkened Door”.

The song was recorded live from the Doug Fir Lounge as part of the 2007 Musicfest Northwest event.  I also apologize as I don’t remember how I have it, just that we had it at Yer Bird Records because the original Tillman track is from our label released album ‘Cancer and Delirium’…so somebody sent it to us!  Now you can listen to it in all it’s glory.

“When I Light Your Darkened Door (J. Tillman Cover)” – Damien Jurado

Enjoy one of the best tracks you could ask for on a spring Sunday morning…


3 Responses to “Slowcoustic Classics: “When I Light Your Darkened Door (J. Tillman Cover)” from Damien Jurado”

  • slowcoustic

    In case anyone was wondering, the track-listing from this show (that I know of at least);

    1. Seams
    2. When I Light Your Darkened Door
    3. Abilene
    4. Put Your Best Dress On
    5. Sheets
    6. Black Kite
    7. Denton, TX

  • the cille

    Oh my. I don’t know if I can handle the combination of those 2 great artists. Good stuff! :-X

  • RavingLunatic

    Love Jurado & love Tillman, but I feel like there are about 50 Tillman songs I’d rather see Jurado cover. “When I Light Your Darkened Door,” like almost every Tillman song, is good, but it’s probably my least-favorite song on that album.

    By the way, Jurado posted this link to his Facebook page. Hopefully, some Jurado fans will be introduced to the excellence of the Slowcoustic blog this way.

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