Song of the Day: “The Relatively Fair” from Will Stratton

On 4 April, 2012 by slowcoustic

Post-Empire - Will Stratton

Song of the Day is from the great new album “Post-Empire” from Will Stratton.  I actually had it as my song of the night last night in general, so why not have it “officially” posted on the blog?  Why the album has not had a peep on this blog yet is beyond me (re: all my lazy ass’ fault) – so let’s start talking Will Stratton’s latest shall we?

The new album has actually been spinning over here for a surprisingly long time (as has Will Stratton’s music in general) and I don’t want to say this new album is the crown jewel in his discography, but it is the crown jewel in his discography…so far.  While not removing himself from the musical style we have heard from him in the past, he comes in with arguably his best & most complete album to date.  ‘Post-Empire’ is part finger picking folk, part retrospective alt-pop and almost a classic 70’s psychedelia.  That last reference might scare some, but is definitely subdued, but there is something that sounds older than Stratton’s years but I am not one to be able to pin it down….no matter how hard I try.  I think part of his album overview hits the mark for this album and Stratton’s focus on music in general;

“While some music writers may talk themselves hoarse about the dueling narratives of hype and authenticity these days, there will always be artists quietly making music impervious to buzz, telling real stories of decline, romance, hope, regret, and renewal.”

I have chosen the track “The Relatively Fair” for my feature song of the day from the album as it is the one that speaks to me the most.  It displays incredibly infectious hooks (well for a folk – acoustic based song at least) and immediately causes me to nod my head.  While many might say having ‘infectious hooks’ means a song of less breadth, they would be off the mark for the track.  With it’s backing strings and style of acoustic guitar, it treats you to the perfect mix of a catchy song and quality song-crafting.  Do me a favour and also follow along to the lyrics via his Bandcamp page – smart, poignant and actually have the ability to speak to someone.  Try that in the bulk in the music industry these days.  Listen below.

If I were a betting man, I would say that as long as you find yourself on this site, you will want to find yourself listening to ‘The Relatively Fair’ and ‘Post-Empire’ as a whole.  So why don’t you?

Find Will Stratton: Bandcamp | Facebook | Twitter


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