The Wooden Sky’s “Grace On A Hill” Video Series

On 7 April, 2012 by slowcoustic


Every once and a while (and I honestly mean only once and a while), I latch onto an album that isn’t quite a traditional “Slowcoustic” album.  For the last few months it has been the newest album from The Wooden Sky “Every Child A Daughter.  Every Moon A Sun”.  It is a spectacular album.  Period.

I wanted to make sure you are aware of the Scott Cudmore directed video series “Grace On A Hill” or “Grace On The Hill” – both titles are currently listed…so, I am not quite sure which is official.  Anyway, the series which features the band playing 5 tracks (currently at episode/track 3) needs to be seen because it is frickin’ fantastic.  I also might be extra biased towards the videos as I am still so enamoured with the album itself.  While it is still not a hard rockin’ album, it has moments so full of energy and passion that it doesn’t need 180 bpm drums and 4 guitarists wailing away – it’s energy is pulled from strong lyrics, sung with conviction and a soundtrack that ebbs and flows directly into the listener.  Truly an album on my best of 2012 list and am pretty sure it will remain there regardless of what else comes out this year.

Watch the current videos for the Grace On A Hill Series: 1) Bald, Naked and Red, 2) Child of the Valley and 3) Dancing at my window.

The Wooden Sky – Grace On A Hill Pt 1 – Bald, Naked and Red from Black Box Vimeo on Vimeo.

The Wooden Sky – Grace On A Hill Pt 2 – Child Of The Valley from Black Box Vimeo on Vimeo.

The Wooden Sky – Grace On A Hill Pt 3 – Dancing At My Window from Black Box Vimeo on Vimeo.

The Wooden Sky – Grace On A Hill Pt 4 – Malibu Rum from Black Box Vimeo on Vimeo.


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One Response to “The Wooden Sky’s “Grace On A Hill” Video Series”

  • Dave O'Terp

    Thanks for sharing. I love your blog. You introduce me to the best indie folk rock I never knew existed.

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