JBM releases album as video session at Isokon

On 22 June, 2012 by slowcoustic

JBM - Stray Ashes

I have made no secret about my love for JBM’s newest album Stray Ashes.  It is a feat of sonic goodness.  Currently sitting atop the Slowcoustic Favourites of 2012 and looks to have some staying power.

Recently Mr. Marchant recoreded live takes of his entire album at Isokon (studios?) which just happens to be a cabin in the Catskills.  What came out was ten videos to the ten album tracks.  Besides being one of the most consistent albums of the year, the addition of video sessions increases my enjoyment of this album.  Do yourself a favour and pick it up already.

JBM – ‘Thames’ at Isokon from JBM on Vimeo.


JBM – ‘Moonwatcher’ at Isokon from JBM on Vimeo.


JBM – ‘On Fire On a Tightrope’ at Isokon from JBM on Vimeo.


I have nothing else to say on this matter other than you can watch the other 7 videos on the JBM Vimeo page HERE.


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