Coversongs of the Day from Howth (Dolly Parton) and Fort Frances (The Grateful Dead)!

On 12 September, 2012 by slowcoustic

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Covers on Wednesday!  Okay, let’s make this quick, I don’t have time to blog today – the new iPhone is announced this morning and I have to hit up a live stream from some tech blog.  No really, I probably will be.  Really.

Well, to keep it musically focused/folkused how about some Dolly Parton and The Greatful Dead covers?  Done.

Ripple - A Story by The Grateful Dead - As Told by Fort Frances

Fort Frances have been doing a fantastic job with their “As Told By…” series and we have a new chapter with the track Ripple originally by The Greatful Dead.  I can honestly say that I am not the most familiar with TGD and am nowhere near being a “dead-head” but maybe I need to give that another shot after hearing this…they are folky right?  Hey, you guys saw their great video cover of ‘Summertime’ right?

Find more on Fort Frances: Facebook | Website | Twitter


Not any sort of artwork or of the band (clearly) but it is from the Howth Facebook page and it is pretty sweet…

Now, let’s be clear – Dolly Parton is a bit of an icon in the music industry and let us also be clear that this is not a Whitney Houston song.  Just as Whitney, Howth is just borrowing the song I Will Always Love You for a bit, the song will forever be Ms. Parton’s.  But damn if Howth doesn’t do some good work with it.  Also don’t forget to grab their free 3 track EP ‘Secret Goldmine’ via Bandcamp.

Find more on Howth: Facebook | Website

Now, to the tech blogs I go…..


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