What have I been listening to lately? Well, I am glad you asked…

On 10 June, 2013 by slowcoustic

Unknown LP

Sorry for the blog posting regimen lately. I mean, I try my best to convey a blank stare in blog form, so I think we both know I have accomplished something here with my absence. But enough about me. Wait, how about more about me with a plethora of songs I have been listening to during my hiatus from this place.


Seriously on repeat.


Thanks again to SongsForTheDay for linking me up on this Night Beds performance.


I can’t say enough good things about the music of Small Sur – the new album Labor is now released and is a must own. Top 10 for 2013 folks.


Bahhaj Taherzadeh (We/Or/Me) has been circling my ears for many, many years and his new album is another beauty. His music is some of the most honest, heartfelt music you will find. I am not just saying that as I am included in the liner notes either…


The Kindling have a gothic acoustic sound that both haunts and comforts. Their new EP is 4 tracks and is available to you free of charge via Bandcamp!


Remember when I posted the John Grant video for GMF (here), well I did in fact get that job and I start tomorrow! Thank you Mr. Grant for your support in that matter. I mention this as a brand new job has been known to interrupt a regular blog post schedule. I have been employed and you have been warned!  There will always be a place for more folk here, so don’t let this announcement scare any of the regulars, and thanks for y’alls patience with the ol’ Slowcoustic.


2 Responses to “What have I been listening to lately? Well, I am glad you asked…”

  • Paul Johnson

    100% agreed on that Omaha demo – I think I like it better than the regular/studio version.

  • We/Or/Me has been on repeat since I got the album 2 weeks ago. Heartfelt is right. It’s pure magic.

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