Shhhh…we’re listening to Slowcoustic’s Sunday Playlist.

On 28 July, 2013 by slowcoustic

Shhhhh, Slowcoustic Sunday Playlist

So I have been a bit out of action lately and so, as per usual with me, I tend to have my first post after a hiatus being a playlist post. This is usually because even if I am missing from this blog, my music listening habits cannot stop…it never stops. That is the way I like it though. So enough of the overly wordy and cerebral introduction, what’s been spinning/streaming/downloading over at Slowcoustic HQ?


Just recently caught up with that Jeffrey Foucault “Cold Satellite” project and there is a song that slays me in true Foucault style. It is called Bomblet. It is below.


I have also been listening to the new album from one of our friends Matt Arbogast who records as The Gunshy. He has a new album out near the end of September but you can stream it (and purchase a digital download it looks like) over on his Bandcamp. Matt is a fantastic guy and always brings a mix of gritty slow burners and grittier barn burners. So with that, you should check it out below.


Still loving the Doc Feldman & the LD50 album. Here is another perfect Americana track from the album Sundowning at the Station (a best of 2013 album for sure).


The latest album from Jim Guthrie had a slow start for me as I listened and quickly moved on. I feel embarrassed now. His delivery of great indie pop is astounding. Hooks that not even the most cynical blogger can ignore, despite how hard I tried. The new album has the official release plus a bonus ‘demos and instrumentals’ and should not be overlooked. Listen to Wish I Were You (demo) below.


Haruko (German for stunningly beautiful music) has a new album out and thanks to Vesa over at One Chord To Another’s post (here) I was reminded that it was available. The opening track to the Feathers & Driftwood album is called Come Home and it has seeped into my brain and indeed does feel like coming home. Do not miss out on this album.


Jeremy Squires recently contributed to our Damien Jurado cover project and it was pretty darn perfect. So what is new with this guy? He has a new single out in preparation for a new album in a month or two (October I think).  After a couple of listens to the upcoming album When Will You Go… this song fits in beautifully – so if you like it, you are in for a treat in the near future.


Lastly we have a video from Evening Hymns’ Spectral Dusk album – My favourite album from all of last year. I am planning on heading out in a few hours to see them play here in Calgary as part of the Calgary Folk Fest, so I thought I would sign off today with Jonas Bonnetta and crew. This video is actually a lullaby in video form, and it is pretty darn perfect.

EVENING HYMNS – Song to sleep to from Number Four Films Incorporated on Vimeo.




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