Saturday Revisiting – Doug Paisley, Jeffrey Foucault, and Postdata

On 1 February, 2014 by slowcoustic

Nothing new here. Literally. Something great here. Literally. Doug Paisley, Jeffrey Foucault and Postdata with 3 tracks you need to listen to again and again.

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Elephant Micah - Louder Than Thou

Song of the (previous) Day: Airline Living from Elephant Micah

On 4 January, 2014 by slowcoustic

Rambling, self important soap boxing and even a music stream. How they relate to Elephant Micah is anyone's guess...

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Jason Molina - Magnolia Electric Co.

Back just in time to say goodbye to Jason Molina

On 25 March, 2013 by slowcoustic

Jason Molina remembered along with a song that (for me) defined my relationship and impression of the all time great.

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Matthew Ryan Live

Monday Re-Post: The Matthew Ryan “Franken-Live” mix…Lives!

On 10 September, 2012 by slowcoustic

~~~ This is what your Monday needs my friends. The Matthew Ryan “Franken-Live” mix! This mix is essentially just a mish mash of some live tracks merged together from his online forum. But...

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Sunday Re-Post: Song of the Day: “Benito’s Dust” by Dolorean

On 20 May, 2012 by slowcoustic

Sunday Re-post: Just had to re-up this post after listening to it this morning - "Benito's Dust" is an all time great folks.

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Artist Revisited: Dustin Gamble

On 14 February, 2012 by slowcoustic

A look back at Dustin Gamble and some of his Slowcoustic masterpieces.

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