Kim Janssen (photo from

Song of the Day: “Tors” from Kim Janssen

On 17 January, 2012 by slowcoustic

New song from the upcoming Kim Janssen album. Listen to 'Tors' today!

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Paul Stewart - Permanence Cover

Paul Stewart’s EP “Permanence” finds a home at Slowcoustic

On 14 January, 2012 by slowcoustic

New EP from Paul Stewart "Permanence" is now permanently on repeat. See what I did there?

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The Sumner Brothers - photo by Nate Lepp

Just something I am listening to lately: A.P. Dugas and The Sumner Brothers

On 5 January, 2012 by slowcoustic

Some great listening lately with The Sumner Brothers and Airon Dugas - highly recommended!

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Thursday Quick Hitters

Thursday Quick Hitters: Northcote, Carly Maicher & The White Album

On 8 December, 2011 by slowcoustic

Musical sampling from Canadians Carly Maicher & Northcote along with Denmark's The White Album.

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The Black Atlantic - Darkling, I Listen

New Music Saturday: The Black Atlantic’s EP ‘Darkling, I Listen’

On 3 December, 2011 by slowcoustic

The Black Atlantic’s new EP “Darkling, I Listen” is a step beyond their previous album “Reverence for Fallen Trees” as they are not sitting on their laurels and are moving into a larger...

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Joel P West - Shoulder Seasons

Joel P West releases new EP ‘Shoulder Seasons’

On 2 December, 2011 by slowcoustic

New EP 'Shoulder Seasons' from Joel P West does not disappoint, stream 2 tracks right here.

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