Don't Get Too Grand

Best New Music: “Don’t Get Too Grand” from Donovan Woods

On 11 March, 2013 by slowcoustic

New album from Donovan Woods, Don't Get Too Grand, finds itself as Best New Music!

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Kim Janssen announces new EP, releases video for Drift

On 19 February, 2013 by slowcoustic

New EP announced and new video featured. Watch and hear Kim Janssen's newly reworked track Drift.

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HI54LOFI Records

Slowcoustic Approved: HI54LOFI Bedroom Sessions

On 30 January, 2013 by slowcoustic

Just a little propaganda in support of good people and good music. HI54LOFI's Bedroom Sessions are featured and highly recommended!

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Pickering Pick Tropic Cover

Pickering Pick album (Tropic) released today!

On 15 January, 2013 by slowcoustic

New album (Tropic) from Pickering Pick is released on our Yer Bird Records label today. So, then let us take a listen in...

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Country Sleep Cover

Night Beds opens pre-order, streams “Ramona”. Slowcoustic starts a Best of 2013 overview…

On 8 January, 2013 by slowcoustic

So there is a pre-order available for Country Sleep from Night Beds that comes with the full album download a month early. Umm...done!

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Bob Keal of Small Sur

Small Sur post “Through the Blue” leading up to release of upcoming 2012 album

On 15 October, 2012 by slowcoustic

Another new song, Through the Blue, from the upcoming 2012 album labor from Small Sur.

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