Brian Borcherdt - Coyotes

Best Albums Re-Post: Brian Borcherdt’s ‘Coyotes’

On 14 August, 2011 by slowcoustic

A 'Best Albums' re-posting - Brian Borcherdt's magnificent 2008 album 'Coyotes' still provides chills 3 years later. Slowcoustic All Timer here folks!

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Will Johnson - Little Raider Cover

Slowcoustic lists second half of his top 10 “Favourite” releases of 2011 thus far, waits for applause.

On 24 July, 2011 by slowcoustic

Second and final half of the favourite releases of 2011 thus far - some not so surprising albums and very new entries into the race.

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William Elliott Whitmore - Field Songs

Slowcoustic lists first half of his top 10 “Favourite” releases of 2011 thus far, looks for validation.

On 23 July, 2011 by slowcoustic

Five of the 10 most coveted albums over at Slowcoustic Headquarters for 2011 thus far. Are these on your list? Should they be on your list? Should they not be on mine? Dig in and let me know!

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Slowcoustic Guest Post: Those Who Dig’s Favorite “NON-2010” Albums

On 18 December, 2010 by slowcoustic

Fellow Bloggers at Those Who Dig provide us an insight into what was their favorite of the year, but not 'of' this year.

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2009 was the year of the EP for me and here is why

On 23 December, 2009 by slowcoustic

Here we are at Day 12 (the last day) of the annual “Best of Blogger Crew” series and what a great year it was – 12 blogs in total including Slowcoustic participated and...

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You Crazy Dreamers bring numerous listening options via the bests of 2009

On 22 December, 2009 by slowcoustic

Today is Day 11 of this Best of series and we have the You Crazy Dreamers Blog! YCD is compiled of 5 contributors in total with myself included (What you say, Sandy is on two blogs!! Yes, its true!)

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