Dustin Gamble

On 3 November, 2008 by slowcoustic

So in lead up to J. Tillman’s new album being released tomorrow (wow, I think I must have a man crush on Josh, due to the last few posts…), I have a bit...

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A Western Vinyl Playlist

On 31 October, 2008 by slowcoustic

Sorry for no post yesterday, but I have a big one today (and inspired by yesterday and no posting…). Well yesterday I received an advance copy of the new J. Tillman – Vacilando...

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Auld Lang Syne

On 29 October, 2008 by slowcoustic

Auld Lang Syne can be a bit of a raucous band for the Slowcoustic regulars, but sometimes some of the best toned down music comes from more up tempo artists, simply at 3/4...

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Frontier Ruckus – The Orion Songbook (2008)

On 28 October, 2008 by slowcoustic

I have been trying to hold back on this post for a couple of weeks until it was closer to the album’s release (I don’t know why), but I have to post already! ...

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Twin Cats – Up North (2008)

On 27 October, 2008 by slowcoustic

Some Monday listening for y’all today in the form of Joseph Murphy’s “Twin Cats“.  While Murphy is not new to creating and performing music, this is a bit of a new project for...

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Jason Anderson – Life Sucks Love Sucks Dose Out

On 26 October, 2008 by slowcoustic

Just a quick one today for you Sunday Bloggin’ folks.  This one is quick, but worth stopping and listening to. I have been a bit of a fan of Jason Anderson (or Wolf...

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