Cranes & Crows – Blame Winter (2008)

On 1 October, 2008 by slowcoustic

While linking through some of my MySpace artists that I have already posted on, I came across a connected artist that I should have already found, and didn’t know why I had missed...

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Lisa Cerbone

On 30 September, 2008 by slowcoustic

Pixie voiced songstress Lisa Cerbone enters your ears and washes over you, sending melodies to assist in falling deeply into a relaxed state.  But wait…don’t get too relaxed, you don’t want to miss...

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Bosco and the Lonely Drunks

On 29 September, 2008 by slowcoustic

So other than this self imposed mugshot photo of Marcus Jönsson (aka Bosco), I don’t know much about this Swede.  I tried to contact him through through his MySpace page and got no...

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Joanne Robertson – The Lighter (2008)

On 25 September, 2008 by slowcoustic

The new album from Joanne Robertson currently out on Textile Records is currently my favourite lo-fi female singer songwriter spinning my iTunes.  This album is bleak, stark, ominous and incredibly good, I mean...

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Del Barber – “Where the City Ends”

On 24 September, 2008 by slowcoustic

Okay I am not going to lie to you here…I am partial to Del Barber.  I have never met Del, or even spoken to him face to face, but alas I got this...

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Sheltered In Sound – Field Recordings From the City

On 23 September, 2008 by slowcoustic

“Sheltered in Sound makes music to lean into” That phrase comes directly from the artist bio for Sheltered In Sound and I am trying not to simply ignore it as a general “advertisement”...

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