Guest Post: Donovan Woods makes a list of his favourite songs of 2011

On 26 December, 2011 by slowcoustic

10 songs that Donovan Woods "got big time into" in 2011

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O Holiday Sountrack

Guest Post: Josh D. takes on the holiday soundtrack

On 24 December, 2011 by slowcoustic

Finally....a guest post that is about the season! Josh provides a look at why most of us don't work a full week.

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Common Folk Music Banjo Cat

Guest Post: Common Folk Music Blog finds “Folk Music”

On 23 December, 2011 by slowcoustic

April from Common Folk Music provides some insight into her "Folk Music".

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Small Ponds

Guest Post: Nicholas Altobelli interviews Caitlin Cary!

On 22 December, 2011 by slowcoustic

Artist interviewing artist...Nicholas Altobelli puts the questions to Caitlin Cary for Slowcoustic!

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Sam Pickering Pick

Guest Post: Pickering Pick & the art of the studio recording

On 20 December, 2011 by slowcoustic

If there is an artist I wouldn’t mind just hanging around with it would be Sam Pickering Pick. I have gotten to know him (from a distance) over the last year or so...

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Joe Pug - Live at Lincoln

Guest Post: 1000x/minute takes on Joe Pug’s new live album

On 19 December, 2011 by slowcoustic

Pj from 1000x/minute brings his take on the newest offering from Joe Pug for Slowcoustic!

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