Evening Chorus dazzle with new single “No Wreath, No Crown”

On 15 April, 2010 by slowcoustic

Evening Chorus provides a new single complete with reworked B-side - this is some of the best lamenting folk I've heard in a while!

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Isbells Banner

Isbells “Reunite” Video reminds me how good they are!

On 14 April, 2010 by slowcoustic

Video for the Isbells song "Reunite" - Best of 2009 revisit feature.

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Jenn Ghetto

Carissa’s Wierd Lives on…Well kinda. Find a new album by “S”

On 13 April, 2010 by slowcoustic

Ex Carissa Weird leader Jenn Ghetto has a new album...find a track to "Save You".

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MOHNA by Jean-Jacques Tortoise

Sometimes you just stumble into incredible things. MOHNA.

On 11 April, 2010 by slowcoustic

Find a recent discovery for me in the amazing down tempo piano songs of Mohna - Her album "Mohna (1985-1994) is a breakout album for me! Mp3 & video included.

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Lighthouse Compass

Update on my side project – Compilation Creation Playlist, “Yer Bird” Style

On 10 April, 2010 by slowcoustic

Saturday Playlist made up of artists who are contributing to the 2010 Yer Bird Records Compilation "Folk Music For What Lies Ahead".

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Meursault on TSMDT

Hot Damn, Meursault on They Shoot Music!

On 9 April, 2010 by slowcoustic

One of my favourite bands Meursault find They Shoot Music and a not only works, it is stunning. Dig in!

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