Geri X

Geri X – Another Friday Discovery

On 14 November, 2008 by slowcoustic

So here is a “Friday Discovery” for all ya out there.  I can honestly say that I just discovered Geri X for myself and have been listening for the entire evening now (it’s...

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Deer Tick - War Elephant Cover

Deer Tick – War Elephant (re-issue)

On 13 November, 2008 by slowcoustic

So just a quick one today as I am just on the go (or something along those lines) and I apologize for not giving this release the full attention and praise it should...

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Tiny Increments

Scott Cooper’s Tiny Increments

On 11 November, 2008 by slowcoustic

So, Remembrance Day is here (well in the Commonwealth at least) and on this day of reflection, I am sitting at home (no work today for me) and listening to something that almost...

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FR - I Am The Water You Are Pumping

Frontier Ruckus – The Tower

On 10 November, 2008 by slowcoustic

So I tend to obsess on artists I like, Frontier Ruckus being one of them.  Just so everyone knows, there was a lot of life prior to the latest release “The Orion Songbook”. ...

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New on the ‘nets this week

On 9 November, 2008 by slowcoustic

So I must apologize for yesterday, my webhost was having a bit of a issue with keeping me and many others “online”.  What’s the big deal, who needs to be online…, ah, freakin’...

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We/Or/Me – Ghostwriter EP and other gems

On 7 November, 2008 by slowcoustic

I have an EP that you should want to buy.  No, scratch that, I have an EP that you will buy.  I know this because if you are here, you are clearly a...

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