Slowcoustic BPB Cover Project - photo by David Greenwald

The Songs of Will Oldham – A Slowcoustic Cover Project (Day One)

On 17 March, 2014 by slowcoustic

Here it is! Day one of the Slowcoustic Cover Project for Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, Will Oldham, Palace Music and so forth. Enjoy!

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Wilder Adkins - Magazine

Cover-song of the Day: ‘Magazine (original – Pedro the Lion) from Wilder Adkins

On 15 March, 2014 by slowcoustic

Your cover song of the day is from Wilder Adkins' version of Magazine from Pedro the Lion. Enjoy!

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Farewell Transmission

Song of the Week: ‘Alone With The Owl’ from Sarah Jaffe

On 2 March, 2014 by slowcoustic

Song of the Week is definitely Sarah Jaffe's cover of Jason Molina's 'Alone With The Owl'. Definitely.

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I Am Oak & The Black Atlantic release new EP – Black Oak

On 24 February, 2014 by slowcoustic

The Black Atlantic and I Am Oak - together. Monday listening at it's best...

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Recommended Listening: ‘Ols Songd’ from I Am Oak

On 15 February, 2014 by slowcoustic

'Ols Songd' from I Am Oak finds a home at Slowcoustic HQ. Take a listen, take it home with you as well.

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Repeat Symbol

Saturday Revisiting – Doug Paisley, Jeffrey Foucault, and Postdata

On 1 February, 2014 by slowcoustic

Nothing new here. Literally. Something great here. Literally. Doug Paisley, Jeffrey Foucault and Postdata with 3 tracks you need to listen to again and again.

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