So nothing to post today as it is December 31st and I need to try and entertain the […]

Travel by Sea.  One of the most interesting stories I have heard in a while, well heard a […]

So I have been out of the loop a bit with the holidays and such, and I have […]

Seagull is not a band nor a boy, it is a sound that comes out of your speakers […]

So another quick post, but this one is chalk full of media.  School of Seven Bells is a […]

So as this post title goes, I am a bit slow and possibly daft (emphasis on the “daft”) […]

So here we are on December 25th and I have slipped away to get online (sparse during this […]

Part two of the Slowcoustic “Essentials Series” with the phenomenal Shearwater.  While not extensively all mopey singer songwriter […]

Here we go back on board with the “If You Haven’t Heard” posts and the newest installment of […]

I have finally got around to adding a new member to the blogroll – of this ever elusive […]