A one trick pony? No Sir!

I wanted to try a blog post that really doesn’t have too much to do with music.  “What?” you say!!  Yes, it is true, I am more than a lover of all things somber and plucked across 6 strings.  So what is this stray post going to focus on??  Why tech nerdy geeky-ness of course!!

I know what you are thinking, “what is this totally cool, uber lo-fi dude talking about?”.  Well I am also a bit of a gadget freak to go alongside with my mellow troubadour inspired love of music.  I tend to fall on the side of what the geeks call an “Apple Fanboy”…

It is true, I like Apple products for simple reasons…they work and are cool (did I just type that?).  Say what you want, PC folk (I don’t mind PCs) and the very indie Linux crowd (that I don’t know too much about) but you know I could have a point.  You could call me a “mainstream” tech geek.   I know more than the average person, but I am not into programming or hacking the government, I fall into the standard young-ish white male category for such things.

As I sit here typing on my 24″ iMac, there is another 20″ iMac beside me, spread out before me are – 3 iPod Nanos, 2 iPods, 1 iPod Shuffle, 1 iPod Touch and 2 iPhones – with a 17″ HP laptop and a Sony Vaio Desktop pushed to the side.  So you could say I am truly mad or I enjoy/appreciate technology.  I prefer the latter, but the fact that there is only the two of us (me and my wife) to use all these items, it may actually be the former of the two options listed…

So there you have it….not just a one trick pony, eh?  So in conjunction with having a post that is not what you were thinking, I will bring it back to something you may be more familiar with.  Two tracks from a band/someone who will go down in history in “indie” tunes – Mr. John Darnielle (and Peter Hughes).  The two tracks are not obscure, but I think are a little off the beaten path.  The tracks come from a Christmas 2005 post on the Mountain Goats Website – I also have them tagged with “Hospicio de Huérfanos” as the album, but I believe they are simply outtakes from the “We Shall All Be Healed” album.


Have a great night!

~ Smansmith