Olympic sized post (not really, it is actually quite average sized)

So we all know what is happening at the moment  – OLYMPICS!  08/08/08

This is always an exciting time as I am a big fan of worldwide competition (enjoyed a spirited game of “Risk” here and there in my day) and what better competition is there than the Olympics?  Okay some of you may not been down with it, but ya gotta love an event that gives a reason to spend massive amounts of money and numerous instances of fake pleasantries!  I can only imagine the conditions athletes from “less wealthy” countries have to put up with and mixed with the Chinese putting up with “more wealthy” athletes complaining about air quality and accommodations…but I digress.

What I am trying to say is that despite what the Olympics have become, it is what it stands for that truly makes me happy.  When you see someone doing his or her best and succeeding or simply competing at a scale that would humble the very best (well for the most part…I’m lookin’ at you NBA, err, ah…the USA Basketball team!) I keed, I keed!

So I raise my slowcoustic flag with a couple of ladies who have the right idea.  Two artists that couldn’t be located further apart, but both find themselves together to promote the games of the 29th Olympiad (on this blog at least!).

Julie Doiron — So Fast from 2008’s “Loneliest in the Morning” LP (re-release from 1997)
Emiliana Torrini — Big Jumps from 2008’s “Me and Armini” LP

Hope you get a chance to enjoy some part of the Olympics, but in a slower and more controlled fashion — just trying to keep you inline with what we have going on here…