And the winner is…I’m not completely sure!

I have already used up my “lazy Sunday” theme post, so this means it is officially the second full week of the new blog!!!!  Huzzah!

A little background on this post…I was working on a “Guide to Slowcoustic” as some people are still a bit lost on the concept of made up words and musical genres.  This hasn’t been launched on the Slowcoustic site yet, but it will make it up eventually, but in putting it together I came across a certain track that has a few artists providing their talents to it.

The song in question is “Katie Cruel” which most recently was brought to light by a current “it” band Fleet Foxes — see here for a bit of background on the track.  Don’t get me wrong, Fleet Foxes are a favourite of mine and the band is great (mostly as they include my favourite artist), so do not take offense to me calling them the current “it” band.  Now that that is out of the way, lets get this battle on!!  Let me know who is going to be the winner of the remake of this traditional folk song.

Fleet Foxes — “Katie Cruel” — live backstage from the It’s Hard To Find A Friend Blog.  Download the videos from the IHTFAF incredible “Backstage Sessions” for Fleet Foxes as well, it is nice stuff.

Bert Jansch — “Katie Cruel” — This is from the 2006 release “The Black Swan” which comes very highly recommended from Mr. Jansch.  Guest speakers on this track include Beth Orton & Devendra Banhart.

The Owl Service — “Katie Cruel” — Taken from the 2007 release “A Garland of Song” and is probably the most traditional folk tune of the three of the versions.  Do you think this is a pro or con for The Owl Service?

There you go, a little bit of healthy competition on this post, let me know what is your cup o’ tea!