Three parts that should be as one. Even Damien Jurado says so.

So now that I consider myself a blogger, I have to find where all my music has made it to over the course of the last few years.  Sure you rip a CD, you find something online, you get a copy from someone — it all ends up for the most part as an mp3 file on a hard drive…somewhere.

Over the years I have moved my music collection from PC to laptop (while storing most on the PC still) then to Mac.  So I have albums, rarities, discographies across 3 hard drives which is not optimal when I remember a track I love and want to share with you all.  Don’t let it be said that I am not a man of the people.

So I am looking to pick up this in order to try to keep it all together in an organized fashion.  I mean it will end up full and I will move on in a year, but for now it seems like a good idea.  Anyone have any experience with the “Time Capsule”?  A 1 Terabyte wireless router seems to be a great choice to me, I mean how bad could it be, I use the Airport Extreme already, why not throw 1000 GB of storage in as well??  I have pretty much just talked myself into it as I write this…remember your vote (in the comments) is only going to benefit you all with more access to whatever I may think is a great music collection.

I was thinking this as I was enjoying some Damien Jurado and dug up an older EP — “Four Songs” from 2001 which has two songs I absolutely love — “Flowers in the Yard” (included below) and “Spitting Teeth” (you don’t get this one, go and pick up a copy of the EP – it is worth it).  FITY is slow and steady; it builds constantly without really picking up speed.  The vocals are almost distant, but right there chanting for a broken family trying to continue on, despite the collapse of a marriage, to be as one and not three separately.   A must have, and now you do.

I fear, not unlike my thin connection between data storage and divorce, I may not get it all back together as well.  Wish me luck with my hard drives…