Oweihops dual post starts here (or ends here…)

Hello Slowcoustic readers!  I wanted to post today to advise of a fairly recent update to my blogging persona — my dual personality!

Okay that sounds dramatic, but I wanted to do a dual post with my other blogging life over on the You Crazy Dreamers Blog.  Yes, it is true, I cheat on my own blog!  No seriously, there are a bunch of great folks over at YCD and I have been asked to join in on (what I call) their blog collective.  Some seriously good stuff over there, so if you haven’t taken the link from the blogroll of this website, take a look a the other half of this post on Oweihops that I submitted right here!

Oweihops is Michael Metivier, a long time subscriber and member of the Last.fm group “Slow-coustic” that I launched late in 2005.  Outside of probably being biased due to him being in my group, I realized that he had some serious folk/Americana talent.  From the point of receiving his self-titled 2005 release I was hooked.  Whether listening to the instrumental “Eastern Setts” to a personal favourite “Tortoiseshell” I couldn’t get enough.  That was when I was delivered the Cinquefoil EP release from 2006 as well..another winner.

Oweihops has received some recognition from more than myself in being included in the compilation “Folk Music for the End of the World” released from Yer Bird Records last year — alongside greats such as Hayden, Chris Bathgate and J. Tillman.  This one is a keeper, so go and order a copy!

So in conjunction with the post over on You Crazy Dreamers, I thought I would include a demo version of the studio version I included there.  The track is “Tortoiseshell” and it just might be when Michael was still Michael or he just might have been Oweihops by this time!  This version is a little more up tempo than the final product; almost an alt-country version, so check it out below.

Well there you have it — my dual blogging life brought to the forefront, so go ahead dig in!